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Website soon you will be ready

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I don’t want to go to school

I don’t want to be at work

I just don’t want to be anywhere.

I’m not going to do anything with my degree when I get it because that would take a miracle.

So then what? Dollar tree forever? Yeah… great…

I should just go to bed.

You want to be a photographer?
Then be a photographer.
Fuck it I’m probably gonna be hated for this but complaining doesn’t do anything
If you don’t have a website spend money and get a domain. Then just start posting pictures
Make business cards
Ask your boss if you can leave them at the front desk and just get working. Take pictures and put them up online
Miracles don’t happen 
But life can. Its a matter of working through the tears of rejection and coming out stronger. Push yourself, push your name and start just getting out there. 
People aren’t just gonna find you
It sucks and its hard. But in the end you have to understand that just showing your work in some places isn’t enough
Look for photography contest
and then enter them
Send your photos everywhere and take more
You are a good photographer but there are a lot of people who are just as good as you out there.
There are people better than you as well who aren’t getting jobs
And there are people worse than you getting more jobs than you knew existed
In the end how good you are won’t matter.
In the end what school you came from won’t matter
Your degree won’t matter 
All your degree is is proof that you know what your doing
Now go make something out of it
Talk to people
Get a website
Put EVERYTHING on there, and keep updating it with new stuff EVERY TIME YOU CAN
Good or Bad (aim for good obviously)
Then get some business cards that have your site name on it and  give it to your friends, your family, your teachers, your supervisors, your coworkers, and even people you hate. Give them to everyone. Then take EVERY job that comes your way
Its tough work but if its what you love it will be worth it
Then one day you can look back and say damn I kicked ass or at least gave it your all
Instead of looking back one day and saying if only.

Good luck
You can be great don’t forget that. Just show the world what your friends already know
And thats my ten cents for the day
But i hate seeing people I know give up on their dreams 

For the record this goes out to anyone I know
If you want something fight for it with every fiber of your being the world sucks and the odds are stacked against you 
But they are stacked against everyone else and you won’t know what you can accomplish without just jumping in and giving yourself a little bit of credit

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Legend of Korra Book 4 trailer


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Happy 125th Anniversary, Nintendo!

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